About Us – Divorce Mentors

Our company is focused on changing how Albertans get divorced. We provide what we call, the Constructive Divorce Process, which helps couple communicate effectively, settle their finances fairly, and co-parent emotionally and mentally healthy children. We are divorce coaches, mentors and paralegals who provide compassionate and efficient divorce service without the involvement of lawyers.


About Us - Divorce Mentors

We offer expertise for all aspects of the divorce process – including support for mental wellness.

To get the best results, we offer guidance for better decisions and always ensure a comprehensive understanding of the legal and financial implications are clearly outlined. We avoid ‘high conflict’ situations with an aim to create productive co-parenting strategies.

Divorce Mentors can effectively and affordably settle issues to ensure the family asset are fairly divided.  We ensure the separation agreement allows you to be protected related to assets and liabilities with referrals to independent legal advice when completing a separation Agreement.

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