Why Divorce Mentors?
Why Divorce Mentors?
Why Divorce Mentors?

Lawyers vs Mentors

“Why would I use a Mentor instead of a Lawyer”

Most workplace Employee Assistance Programs (EAPs) offer referrals to lawyers and psychologists as their only divorce supports. In fact, a lawyer is the most expensive way to secure a divorce, which only adds to the strain a couple experiences. Psychological help may be important, but it doesn’t make the process of divorcing any faster or easier.

A lawyer will always say they prefer to negotiate a resolution of the issues arising out of a separation, although most lawyers are prepared to go to court when necessary to ensure your rights are respected, this route is expensive and time consuming!

Mediation is proven to save you money. help you avoid a lengthy court battle.

One mentor helps both spouses, whereas you each require your own lawyer if you go the litigation route.

If you’re trying to resolve your divorce fairly and easily, mediation is proven to help.

Mentor is a quality conversation between the two conflicted parties with the assistance of a neutral third party. If you can be in the same room as your ex, a mentor can help you solve even your most contentious disagreements.

Divorce mentor is having all those uncomfortable conversations in a comfortable setting. You feel heard, encouraged to speak, and you aren’t worried about your spouse’s reaction because you have someone there to make sure the conversation stays productive. Mediation is a conversation that yields results. By results, we mean a final, mutually agreed-upon settlement. You don’t ever have to have ugly conversations on your own again.

The divorced or separation process has a negative impact on your mental health and wellbeing. With this in mind mediation can get it done half the time. A third of the cost.

Lawyers – provide legal services in the areas of cohabitation agreements, prenuptial agreements, separation agreements, divorce, custody and guardianship, access and parenting time, child support, spousal support, property distribution – We at Divorce Mentors also offer our Paralegal services to deal with all these agreements and issues that may arise.

You may benefit from having one of our Certified Divorce Coach be your “calm in the storm”.  Your answers are yours, and only yours.  A divorce coach helps stop the “spinning” and clear the “fog”, so that you can prioritize, find your answers, and take the steps (even if tiny at first) toward your end goal – Sometimes you just want the uncertainty to end.